About Us


Welcome to Lourdes Australia Pty Ltd 

We are a Melbourne based organisation providing a range of innovative products and services and its overall objective of supporting the independence, social participation and wellbeing of people with limitations that prevent them from being the best they can be.


Our consumers will find our service to be professional, friendly, responsive and relaxed.

All this is to create a better harmony and understanding of your needs while promoting healing to all who need comfort through our own individualised brand of Happiness Therapy.


Our Vision

We aim to give our consumers an experience which is both uplifting and satisfying through a range of creative, exciting and quality innovative products and services which are tailored to meet individual needs and for the good of their wellbeing. 


Empower those who require assistance in areas which are most important to them in order that they may achieve fulfilment and joy in their lives. We are driven to achieve this outcome through:

  • Understanding consumer needs, choices and goals
  • Providing a personalised service while adapting to the individual needs
  • Institution and maintenance of practices representing strong business ethics
  • Operation of the business founded on principles of employee, consumer and stakeholder happiness and wellbeing
  • To operate with fair and mutually beneficial outcomes

 Our Core Values

  • Respect for our people and consumers – It is a two way relationship among individuals within and outside the organisation based on a genuine understanding

  • Teamwork – We all strive to have a good working relationship with everyone in the organisation and our consumers, to ensure that work is as enjoyable as it is profitable

  • Social Responsibility – We commit ourselves to social responsible projects

  • Accommodating Needs – We are a Disability Friendly organisation with Culturally Sensitive Practises

  • Acknowledgement and Respect – We acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the Traditional Custodians of this land and pays respect to their elders, past and present