Maritime Services

We are with you in the midst of storms


Maritime Services

We understand the needs of Sailors, Ship Owners and Agents


  • Organise appointments with General Practitioners, Dentists and Medical Imaging Centres
  • Accompany sailors to medical centres, hospitals and medical imaging centres
  • Organise referral letters and book appointments with relevant medical specialists/surgeons
  • Explain the sailor’s condition to the medical practitioner and assist with any relevant needs
  • Organise medication and any medical aids for the sailor
  • Accompany the sailor back to the vessel
  • Provide counselling services including suicide prevention (if and when needed)
  • Hospital visits and progress reporting of the hospitalised sailor’s condition/situation
  • Provide assistance with welfare needs and requests of the hospitalised sailor
  • Organise appropriate accommodation for sailors who are unable to sail
  • Organise ‘fit to travel’ letters, air travel tickets, accompany to the airport and assist the sailor departing the country


Customs Clearance and Ship Chandelling

  • We organise customs clearance for ship spares, store goods under-bond and deliver on arrival of the vessel.
  • We also organise ship spares, provisions and cleaning supplies for vessels that come into Melbourne and Geelong Ports.